Micro-controller recommended for robotics applications?

I have done a detailed study on 8051…
do i need to learn PIC too…
can 8051 perform all tasks that a PIC can…

Having some experience with 8051-based microcontrollers and PIC-based microcontrollers I see no huge reason to favor one over the other. It depends on what features you want in a microcontroller and what models are available. What features do you want in a microcontroller?

We like the AVR architecture. You could learn how to program an AVR by getting a 3pi Robot or any of our Orangutan robot controllers.

Do you know how to program in the C language? The AVR, PIC, and 8051 are all programmable in C so that makes it relatively easy to switch between architectures.


I’m new to the Popolu site. New to robotics. But not new to electronics and microprocessors. Did you make a decision on which microcontroller you want to go with? I’ve been in microprocessors for a long time and have a ton of stuff available if you want something 8051-era. It may not be new or prime condition, but if you are on a budget maybe I can help.
I’ve started building my own robot design. I imagine something somewhat larger than what I see on the forum. Mine is about 16" wide, 18" long, three-wheeled (two passive and single wheel drive and steering). I have just started on the frame and am at the point of deciding which processor to use myself. I have a lot of MCS-51 stuff, a bit of PIC stuff. I have built projects with BASIC Stamp but they were test fixtures for slot machine assemblies.

I’d used microcontroller Atmel MCS-51 family with C programming language for my first project.
For my latest project, i’ve used ATMega 8535… because of the low cost and easy to understand.