Mechanical Drawing for RRC04A

I’m building a robot based on the RRC04A, the recommended ball caster, wheel encoder, tires, and encoder.

I’m planning to build my own custom PCB for my own electronics. I would like to know the position and distances between the holes in the chasis so that I can propertly position the holes on the PCB. Is it possible to get a mechanical drawing of the chasis?

One technique I’m considering doing is scanning the chassis plate in a flat bed scanner to a PDF file. Then use the measure tool in Adobe Photoshop to compute all the distances and coordinates. Will this technique yield accurate enough results?


II think the scanner idea could work, but you could just start with the main product picture, which at 600 pixels wide should give you over 100 dpi. There are so many holes that I don’t think it’s practical to make a drawing that labels them all, but we can just give you the coordinates here if you have a few particular holes for which you want the exact locations.

- Jan