Measuring distances with Sharp GP2Y0A02YK0F and NI DAQ

Good afternoon,

I am working on an application on Labview where will be indicated the position varition of a metallic beam with up to 20 Hz harmonic movement. The project is just beginning and we dont know the exact type of sensor to be used. I think a IR reflective sensor like Sharp GP2Y0A02YK0F would be useful. This sensor will be positioned above the beam to catch the movement amplitude. It would be very nice if someone could express an opinion about the eficiency of this kind of sensor for this application, or indicate other sensor and ways for measuring. I am worried if a IR sensor is precise for the measuring the amplitude of the mentioned movement, because I need to get the graph on Labview.


Gabriel Machado

Hello, Gabriel.

That sounds like a fun project. Unfortunately, I do not think the analog Sharp distance sensors we carry would work very well for that. I suspect their update periods to be too slow to do a good job characterizing that movement, and I am worried that the changes in voltage from the deflections of the beams might be too small when compared to the noise of the sensor. We also do not have any recommendations for where to find an appropriate sensor for your application (though someone else on this forum might).