Measure water level using vl53lox sensor

hi. i want to measure water level using vl53lox sensor, but is very unstable, i have signals less than the real level
. also with the sunshine reflecting in water is worst. im using a esp8266 micro and a ssd1306 to see the results.
please help me. what can i do to get more stability and accurate measures?
i just need centimeters, but in a pot whit 50 cms. distance, the sensor says 33cms.
if i use it indoor(with soft light) the distances measured looks good.


I generally expect measuring to the surface of water will be tricky with most light based distance sensors, including the VL53L0X, since much of the light emitted by the sensor will likely be absorbed by the water or go through it rather reflecting at the surface, and doing the same thing outdoors where there is more interference from ambient light can only make things more difficult. I recommend looking at this discussion on the ST forum which has a few suggestions. Beyond that, you might consider if you can shield the sensor and target from excess ambient light.

- Patrick

thanks patrick.

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