Measure the distance

Hi everyone,

I want to learn that “Is there any way to measure the distance between Wixels (transmitter and reciever).” I mean that can Wixel measure the distance from its position to other Wixel’s position ?

If you mean by radio, you can read the RSSI, or Received Signal Strength Indicator, which depends on distance, relative orientation of the two wixel antennas and whether any materials that absorb or reflect radio waves are between or near the wixels. It is almost impossible to reliably convert the RSSI into a distance.

In free space, you might have a chance, but free space is very expensive. :slight_smile: What my friends at the Cambridge Research Lab found is that the number you get out of the RSSI is more-or-less useless, if you have several fixed points to communicate with, in a fixed-space environment (like an office), you can repeatably associate combination of RSSIs with location, through a look-up table.

In other words, as Jim said, “No.”