Measure Resistance in C# Application

I am working on a project that i need to measure force as well as temperature with a computer in a C# application. I am going to use this force sensor

as well as this temperature sensor

I am looking for advise as to the best way to get the readings from these sensors into my C# Program.

More Info: the project is also going to include some stepper motors so i am going to be running a DB25 cable to control the stepper motors so if i can get the readings from the DB25 that would be great but i am not opposed to using USB.


Hello, Mike.

There are a variety of ways you could accomplish this with our products. You might consider using an Arduino or Baby Orangutan with an AVR programmer to read the analog voltages and I2C data from those sensors. Both of those programmable controllers can connect via USB to your computer, and a C# program could communicate with them through a COM port.