Meaning of default value in init function

I think the Sigma and threshold values are adjusted within the init function of VL53L1X.
The following code is in the init function of VL53L1X.cpp.
What criteria do you use to determine the Sigma and threshold values below?
Also, does changing that value have any effect on SigmaFail or Threshold fail in the measurement status?

// general config
writeReg16Bit(SYSTEM__THRESH_RATE_HIGH, 0x0000);
writeReg16Bit(SYSTEM__THRESH_RATE_LOW, 0x0000);

// timing config
// most of these settings will be determined later by distance and timing
// budget configuration
writeReg16Bit(RANGE_CONFIG__SIGMA_THRESH, 360); // tuning parm default
writeReg16Bit(RANGE_CONFIG__MIN_COUNT_RATE_RTN_LIMIT_MCPS, 192); // tuning parm default

// dynamic config

writeReg(SD_CONFIG__QUANTIFIER, 2); // tuning parm default


Most of the settings configured in the Pololu VL53L1X Arduino library’s init() function are taken from the VL53L1X API provided by ST (STSW-IMG007). So, if you are looking for details about why certain settings are used that are not covered by the comments in our library, then I suggest checking the comments in the code from ST’s API and the VL53L1X API user manual from ST (UM2356), which is available on our VL53L1X carrier’s product page under the “Resources” tab.

- Patrick