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MC33887 Motor Driver

We have a new MC33887 motor driver board available! This one is a bit smaller and cheaper than the VNH2SP30/VNH3SP30 carriers, and it works past 24 V! It can deliver almost 3A continuous, making it a great replacement for TI’s discontinued TPIC0107B and TPIC0108B.

- Jan

Looks very nice. Not to disparage the Orangutans (which I do love), but I am a fan of H-bridges like this one, with separate PWM and direction/behavior control pins. Also, the trademark Pololu motor direction LED’s are invaluable for setup/debugging, and a general cool operational look.

Now that you guys seem to be coming up with something new every other week, where’s my micro serial stepper motor controller (not to mention the inevitable Baby X2)?


Hi, Adam.

Several of our upcoming products, including our next generation Orangutan, will incorporate MC33887 motor drivers. We don’t have any immediate plans to make stepper motor controllers, but we do plan on a Baby X2 as one of our Orangutan permutations. As I said in another post, there are a number of new Orangutans on the drawing board; at this point we just need to figure out in what order we want to make them.

- Ben