Maze solver

Im trying to compile this code into my m3pi and I get this error (“Cannot open source input file “pololu/3pi.h”: No such file or directory” in file “/main.cpp”, Line: 10, Col: 1) I’m a bit new to this sort of stuff can someone tell me why this comes up? I’m thinking its because I have the mbed on my 3pi?

The example ben gave in a video for maze solving where it would beep when it turned and make its way throughout the maze learning and then pick the fastest route is there a code like that available for my m3pi so that I can learn from the code? I don’t even know where to start. I’ve looked on mbed site and there all broken or not good codes, thanks


We moved your posts together, the one posted under “3pi Robot Videos” seemed unrelated to that thread. It looks like you are tying to run the 3pi maze solving code on your mbed processor, this will not work. One option would be to remove the m3pi expansion board and program the 3pi directly with our maze solving code. You also might be able to use the 3pi maze solving code as a basis to make your own mbed code. Additionally you could look at some of the examples on the website for tips and inspiration to building your own code.


yes sorry I posted that one in the wrong category, with the mbed programs I thought the 3pi programs work also because it was all connected? what is it that makes them so different? Am I better off without the Mbed? In other words are there better benefits not using the mbed?

The m3pi uses two different processors that talk to each other over serial lines to control the robot. The mbed processor is used for higher level control; the base 3pi runs a serial slave program which interprets the commands the mbed sends to control the 3pi hardware. However, the two processors have completely different architectures and cannot run the same code or use the same libraries.

The advantage to using just the base 3pi without an mbed is that you have more examples available to learn from. If you are looking for the improved processing speed and are familiar with programing, the mbed would allow you to do more complex projects.


What would I need to program the 3pi if I take the mbed deck off then? I bought it with the mbed and everything

You do not need to take the mbed expansion board off to use only the 3pi processor. You just need to upload the code directly to the 3pi base using an AVR programmer and the software listed in the 3pi user’s guide. You can treat the 3pi base as a normal 3pi robot for these programming purposes. Please note that if you chose to utilize just the base 3pi, you should refer to the 3pi user’s guide rather than the m3pi guide.