Maximum voltage for PG open-drain output on D24V22F12?

What is the maximum voltage I can pull up the PG open-drain output to on the D24V22F12?
I want to do the following to provide a “power good” LED indicator:

However, if the LED blows, the resistor will pull up PG all the way to the input rail (which will be up to 16.8V)
Is that kosher? (I could look it up myself if you documented which controller and FET you’re using, hint hint :slight_smile:

Also, is the switching FET the tallest component on the bottom of this regulator? I have the opportunity to mount this on a flat milled aluminum frame, that would work great as a heat sink with a little thermal grease. However, if other components are taller, and/or solder joints come close to being as tall as the switching FET, then that wouldn’t work.


The absolute maximum voltage that PG (and EN) can handle is 6V. The FETs are about the same height, or maybe a little shorter than, many of the other components on the bottom of the board, so it would not be good to try to heat sink them directly to your frame.


Thanks for the answer!