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MAX40200 Breakout?

I have been reading about the MAX40200 Ideal diode. It has very low forward drop (about 35mV), and very low reverse leakage. It is targeted at the portable electronics market for diode ORing an external power supply and an internal battery, and seems ‘ideal’ for the job.

Unfortunately, I can only find it in the 0.7mm x 0.7mm ‘quad-bump’ package, which isn’t feasible for us mere mortals to deal with. If you guys could come up with a nice small ‘breakout board’ containing 2ea MAX40200’s, I think you’d sell a bunch.

Screenshot 2021-02-24 171840

Just my $0.02


Thanks for the suggestion! I passed it on to the other engineers and we will keep it in mind. By the way it looks like Digi-key and Mouser both currently have the SOT-23 package in stock.



Thanks for the feedback. I did notice you have another ‘power multiplexor’ product (FPF1320) already, so I ordered a couple to try out.

BTW, we have a grand-daughter named Claire (same spelling), so I got a bit of a start from the email header :joy: