Max pulses of GP2Y0A60SZ

I bought several New products: Pololu Carriers with Sharp Distance Sensor 10-150cm GP2Y0A60SZLF Analog (3v), but about he power consumption, I miss information from Sharp or Pololu.
I’m looking for GP2Y0A60SZ to know: when there are max pulses (300 to 400mA) and duration: I did not find any information, and I do not have oscilloscope …

Hello, Philippe.

All the information we have for that sensor is what is on its product page and in its datasheet; we do not have any extra details about the timing of the sensor’s pulses. Why do you need to know that level of detail about the Sharp sensor’s pulses?


Hello Claire,
thanks for your message. I need to know when there are max pulses and their durations; Because we use batteries: and this is to calibrate properly.
You anderstand ?
Best regards.

I don’t understand. What kind of calibration are you doing and in what way would you use the information you are asking for?