Max capacitive load for D24V50F5

We’re huge long-term fans of your excellent products, and had a question about the D24V50F5 (5V, 5A Step-Down Voltage Regulator). What is the max capacitive load for this product? We’re powering a large distributed LED string array that requires a lot of capacitance to stabilize the power supply at the various nodes because of the inductance of the long wires. We generally use this part because it has a 3,300uF max capacitive load:, but would much rather use yours, since it can supply so much more current. I know most DC-DC converters are rather finicky about large capacitive loads for both start-up (tripping short circuit protection) and stability.

To give a few specifics about our project, it’s based around a Teensy 3.x/4.x, and drives LED strings with up to 3000uF of distributed capacitance in the system between the 5V supply and ground. The input to the DC-DC converter is a 9.6V NiMH RC battery pack. And if you have other DC-DC voltage converters with 5V output with the ability to drive highly capacitive loads, that would be super helpful information as well.


We do not generally characterize the maximum capacitive load our regulators can handle. I tested a D24V50F5 with 10V in, 4A out and capacitances up to 800uF and didn’t see any change in its startup behavior. Of course, 3,300uF is significantly more than that, so there is a still a chance it won’t handle that full amount. It is something you would have to test. I also expect our D36V50Fx regulators to handle several hundred microfarads well, though again you would need to test them to see about near 3,300uF.


Thank you Claire for your quick response!