Matlab + Rasberry Pi + minIMU-9 v3 + I2C


I have searched for projects connecting Matlab (now with integrated RBP support) and the minIMU-9 v3 through the RBP, but have not found anyone trying this.

The main problem is talking to the sensor with the I2C protocol inside Matlab, since there is not a Matlab library for this sensor. There is an example covering the lis331 which has a Matlab class created by Mathworks. So I get the main idea, but writing the code for the class/I2C matlab to minIMU-9 v3 communication is a job I can’t manage by myself.

So is there any resources/pepole within this forum, that I could help me to get this working?


If you can have the RPi read and output the IMU data on the serial (console) port, it would be trivial to have MATLAB read that. All you would need is a TTL-USB serial port adapter.


We do not use MATLAB here, and we do not know of an existing resource you could use to communicate with the MinIMU-9 using MATLAB. You might take a look at our L3G and LSM303 Arduino libraries to see what they do in order to get an idea of how to set up your I2C interface. Maybe someone else on the forum who has experience with this could give you some more pointers.