Material of DSM44 Spline Adapter

I’m looking for the way to attach PVC tubing to the servo. I trimmed spline adapter and place tubing. I try to use Krazy Glue but both PVC and Spline Adapter didn’t glue well.

Can you tell what kind of material used and any glue suggestion?

We may make our own spline adapter with 3D printing. Is there any drawing for this spline? Looks like it is 20T and outer diameter is 3.5-3.6mm.




Unfortunately, I do not have any suggestions for what type of adhesive would work best for that, and we are not sure what specific material the included spline adapters are made of. (Keep in mind the servo manufacturer does not commit to the specific hardware included with the servo, so I would not count on them to always be made of the same material either. )

We do not have a drawing of the servo spline.

- Patrick

If the PVC tubing is flexible and the spline adapter fits inside the tubing, maybe a clamping collar on the outside of the tubing would work?

Thank you for your reply and idea of clamping collor. I will look into it.

Krazy glue does OK job. I found super glue works for PVC does really good job.