Making voice command

I really want to make a robot that will work with voice commands! I just want the robot to react to some basic commands like “up, down, left and right”.
The robot will be connected to the computer via serial port, there for, the voice recognizing program will be on the computer.
My question is very simple (not), how do I write that program? how do I compare 2 voice records?

As you are any way processing the voice input in the PC, try Matlab. It provides excellent tools to analyze voice (.wav) formats. Lot of help is available online.

Best of luck !!

- Siddhartha

No matlab in linux. Thanks any way…

There is definitely already Matlab for Linux, but if you don’t already have access to a copy (through a school or company for example) its probably a more expensive solution than you want.

I don’t have any particular packages to recommend, but for freebies, I would suggest you take a look at some of the voice recognition software on Source Forge. PerlBox in particular looks promising.