Making a GUI for the Orangutan SVP-1284


I am in need of a GUI for my Orangutan SVP-1284 and have been trying LabVIEW, but seem to be hitting a brick wall. Does anyone know what drivers I need (I already have NI-VISA) or what steps I need to take to use LabVIEW? Or is this impossible?

If LabVIEW will not work, or there is an easier program to use for this, what should I use?

A bit about the GUI I am making: it needs to bring in data from a pressure sensor, temperature sensor, and a calculated speed from a motor function coded onto the board. It will also need to send a signal to the board if one of six buttons is pressed on the GUI.

Thanks in advance!


You should be able to use the virtual COM port to communicate serially with the Orangutan SVP from LabVIEW through the USB connection. You would need to essentially write firmware for the Orangutan to read serial commands being sent by LabVIEW and respond accordingly. More information about communicating with the Orangutan SVP over the USB connection can be found in the “Using the USB Communication Port” section of its guide.