Maestro6 not loading in Raspian-Jessie

I have a Maestro6 board. It worked under Raspian Wheezy. It works under windows with command centre but under Raspian Jessie it does not even enumerate? lsusb do not show any device and /dev/ttyACM01 do not exist.

What must I do?


Just to be sure, could you post the full outputs of lsusb and ls /dev/tty* here? Can you describe the behavior of the green LED on your Maestro after plugging it into your Raspberry Pi via USB? Can you also run dmesg | tail -30 immediately after connecting the Maestro to the Raspberry Pi and post the output results here? If you have not already done so, could you try using a different USB cable (one that you know is working) and a different USB port?

- Amanda

I found the problem after a day’s debugging. Faulty USB cable!Very frustating