MAestro with WIFI ( USB over wifi )

Is there a setup ( Wixel ? ) that I can control the Maestro over WIFI with a static IP ? using the ttl or usb input.



The Wixel uses an RF protocol that is not compatible with any standard protocol like WiFi. However, if you are just trying to establish communication between the Maestro and your computer wirelessly over a certain distance (50 feet), you might consider using a pair of Wixels (one connected to the Maestro and the other to your computer via USB) running the Wixel Wireless Serial App. For more information about that app, see the “Wireless Serial App” section of the Pololu Wixel User’s Guide.

If you want to control the Maestro through its serial interface via WiFi, you should look at WiFi modules with serial communication like the XBee or the ESP8266.

- Amanda