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Maestro wireless connection

I would like to control two servos and one Motor by a wireless connection. I was thinking to use a Wixel and a Maestro. So would I have to use an internal script on the Maestro and connect it to the Wixel which then communicates with my computer? If yes, is there a more Lightweight solution?
All the Best

Hello, Marcel.

You could write an internal script on the Maestro and then just send serial commands wirelessly to activate subroutines in the script.

However, you don’t have to do that. You could simply send “Set Target” serial commands to control individual servos.

Either way, you will have to write some software on the PC side, because the Maestro Control Center requires a direct USB connection to the Maestro.


Thank you for answering this quick. I just don`t understand what you mean with “You could simply send “Set Target” serial commands to control individual servos.” How would I send them?

Hello, Marcel.

Sending a Set Target command wirelessly involves several steps:

[li]Configure the Maestro correctly to receive TTL serial commands on its RX line.[/li]
[li]Set up a wireless connection between the Maestro and your computer using a pair of Wixels running the Wireless Serial App.[/li]
[li]Read the Serial Servo Commands section of the Maestro user’s guide to learn what bytes you need to send for a Set Target command.[/li]
[li]Write some PC software to send the Set Target command to the Wixel connected to the computer, which will relay it to the other Wixel, which will relay it to the Maestro if everything is set up correctly.[/li][/ol]

If you have a specific question about one of these steps and you cannot find the answer in the Maestro user’s guide or Wixel user’s guide, feel free to ask it.