Maestro USB Could not find device when using VB demo app

My Maestro 6 is version 1.01. Just updated to 1.03. It works fine through the bundled servo app.

However, when I try to get the sample VB or C# app to work (Latest VS community on Windows 10 64), by pressing “forward” error pops up, “Could not find device. Make sure it is plugged into USB and check your Device Manager”. I have set as “USB Dual Port”, “…Chained” and “UART”, none work.

Took a while for find/figure out I could use UscCmd. It sees the servo through --list. But I can’t get it to move with, say usccmd --servo 1, 6000, though it says its setting target. BTW, I don’t care about doing a compiled VS application if I can get UscCmd to work since I can script elsewhere.

Okay, it’s now working in UscCmd, so I’m fine for now. If you have tips for getting to work in VS, I may need that in the future. Thanks!

Thanks for your help in advance!


I am glad you were able to get the UscCmd command-line utility to work for you; thanks for letting us know. What did you do to resolve the issue?

It is not clear to me what you mean by “pressing ‘forward’ error pops up”, can you elaborate? (Posting a screenshot of the error message would be helpful.) What are the exact names of the example programs you used in the Pololu USB Software Development Kit?

By the way, I moved your post to our “Servo controllers and servos” subforum, which seems more appropriate.

- Amanda