Maestro USB C++ windows 10


I have a new 24 channel maestro which works fine via the control center. I would like to control using C++ via visual studio on Windows 10.

Have tried the the USB SDK C++ EasyExample but compliler - can’t find usbWrapper and Usc. Have same problem on windows 7 machine.

Interestingly example on forum

works on windows 7 but gives “unable to find port error” on Windows 10.

Apologies if this is a bit basic. I would be very grateful for any help anyone can offer.


The MaestroEasyExampleCpp example in the Pololu USB SDK has references to the precompiled versions of UsbWrapper.dll and Usc.dll that come with the SDK. You can see the references by looking in the .vcproj file with a text editor. Those references should allow the compiler to find those DLLs, which are in the folders UsbWrapper_Windows and Usc/precompiled_obj.

If you are using Visual Studio, it’s possible that it did a bad job of converting our project files to the latest format, and it might have deleted those references. You might try adding those references to your project the same way you would add a reference to any other precompiled .NET DLL. Microsoft has an article about that here:

If you are still having trouble compiling the example code, could you tell me more about what you are doing? Are you using Visual Studio? What version of Visual Studio are you using?


Hi David,

Thank you for getting back to me.

I have got it working now.

You were correct about Visual Studio (2017) modifying the project file and deleting the paths.

I’m not very profficient at C++ but my main issue was that my paths were too long to accommodate both DLL’s when I tried to reference them.

Then not having the right SDK’s.

EasyExample now works on both my machines ( windows 7 and 10 ).

Now just need to integrate into my project.