Maestro Servo Controller VB6 and DC motors

This is my first post in this forum.
I met Pololu Servo Controller through my research on Google and I think its a great device.
My main idea is to control a mechanical system consisting of DC motors and servos with a computer (Windows netbook).
Since I have a good knowledge of Visual Basics 6, the movement control center should be managed by an application written in this language. I’m reading with pleasure the documentation of “Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide” but before buy this product I need to know some basic things:

Can I receive and transmit data between VB6 and “Maestro Servo Controller” ?

Is simple to manage communication? I mean just use MSCom ?

Using simple analog/digital sensors (such switches or variable resistors), can I read the values ​​in VB6?

Can I use “Maestro Servo Controller” to control the “continuous rotation servo” speed, direction and acceleration, or I have to use DC motors and “Maestro Motor Controller”?

In the second case, can I connect “Master Servo Controller” to “Maestro Motor Controller” and control them simultaneously using a single USB connection, and Visual Basic 6?

I hope an positive answer.
Any suggestion is appreciated
Thanks! :smiley:

Hello, Maurizio.

The answers to all your questions are yes, except we don’t sell a product named the “Maestro Motor Controller”. Daveh recently posted this example code for VB6 + Maestro which will probably help you. Be sure to configure your Maestro to be in USB Dual Port mode.

To read the data from the sensors, you can simply write a “Get Position” serial command to the Maestro and then read the response bytes back. This can also be done with MSCom.


Thanks David.
You gave me good reasons to read the documentation and follow this useful forum to try to understand many things. First, there is no “Maestro Motor Controller” but there is instead the “Pololu Motor Controller”… :wink:

See you soon …