Maestro serial number format


I’m developing my project using a Micro-6 but I want it to work with the Mini 12, 18 and 24 as well.

The SDK documentation says the serial number can either be a string with 8 decimal digits or 24 hexadecimal digits.

I would like to know in which case I will see the latter ? Because on all the examples I’ve seen so far (including my own Micro-6 board), the serial number is always 8 decimal digits.



So far all the Maestros have 8-digit decimal serial numbers, but in general, I wouldn’t recommend relying on that since we might have to change their format or make them longer in the future.


Hi Brandon,

Great. Thank you.

As far as they remain decimal and/or hexadecimal and 32-digit or less, my software will be happy !! :slight_smile:

My software is using GUID to uniquely identifies boards so I am using the serial number to generate a GUID.

But my software is also verifying the firmware version so if your serial numbers change in future firmware versions , I’ll be able to adapt. (I assume you’ll bump up the version if you make such a change, correct ?)


We would not necessarily increment the firmware version due to a change to the way serial numbers are handled; it would likely depend on the details of how we decide to do it.

For what it’s worth, we do not currently have any plans for changing it, but it is worth keeping in mind that it could change in the future. So, for example, if you start having problems later down the road, that’s one potential thing to check.