Maestro Scripting Language

I have two Maestro controllers. A 12 and 24 channel. They both work great. I have used them to control H.O. train Turnouts from my control panel. I modified one of your scripting code examples to have a One push actuator. Push it once it goes one way push it again it goes the other. It all works great until I had to change to a different servo. The originals are on back order from the factory. These new ones seem to move a different amount and also they chatter. I could use different channels, but the problem ones are slaved off the same channel so if one switch is thrown, the other one has to react opposite.
To make this long story short, is there a command in scripting to take the power off one channel so the servos don’t buzz and chatter while not being used. I noticed you can turn a channel off with serial commands. Is there a way in scripting? Thanks


That sounds like a cool project! You can command a servo channel to stop sending signals from a script by sending it a target position of 0 (e.g. 0 2 servo will disable the output on channel 2). Please note that some digital servos will continue holding their position even after they stop receiving a signal.

By the way, sometimes chatter like that can be a sign of an under-powered or inadequate power supply (although this is not always the case). You might try upgrading your power supply to one with a higher capacity or removing a few servos to see if that fixes the chattering.


Thanks for your reply.