Maestro RC with SM-S4303R Servo

Hi folks,
I am total newbie and thank you in advance for any light you can shed.
I am a Garden Railway Enthusiast modeling in 1/29 Scale.
I have designed and am in the process of building a scale Diesel Engine Facility. (48in x 60in)
This model building has 8 Overhead doors I need to raise and lower.
I would like to use continuous motion servo’s like the 4303R with RC controller, and control some LED
functions as well.
It is a simple task.
QUESTION: Will using a Maestro Servo controller allow me to use just one receiver?
Or, do I need a receiver for each servo? I also don’t see where the Maestro supports RC
I feel I am heading down the wrong track somewhere… pun intended.


Our Maestro USB servo controllers cannot accept RC hobby signals as inputs and would not be appropriate for controlling standard LEDs directly, so I do not think they would be appropriate for your application. Additionally, continuous rotation servo seem like they would not be good for a door opening application since they do not offer position control.