Maestro only accepts serial when USB connected

I have a Maestro 24 channel connected to a Raspberry PI Pico.
I connect via Serial 57600, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. I have configured it as UART, fixed baud rate 57692 (which seems to be what the auto detect finds).
With no USB cable connected the red and yellow leds flicker, and nothing works.
When connecting the USB-cable to my computer it starts working right away. Red light off, yellow and green leds blinking at a sensible rate.
Connecting to a USB-charger does not have the same effect, it has to be the computer.
I have not yet tested with another computer.
Any ideas?

Problem solved. It was bad power on the Vin-pins. Don´t know why connecting to computer solved the issue, but not connecting to USB-charger.

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