Maestro on MAC

Does the maestro have controller software for windows?


You can find download links and installation instructions for the Maestro Windows drivers and software in the “Installing Windows Drivers and Software” section of the Maestro user’s guide.

If you were intending to ask about macOS (as the title of your topic suggests), unfortunately, we do not provide any Maestro software for macOS, but the Maestro’s two virtual serial ports are compatible with macOS (10.7 and later), as mentioned in the “Supported Operating Systems” section of the user’s guide. Please note that the Maestro must first be configured from a Windows or Linux computer, then after that it can be controlled from a Mac.


Thank you Brandon, I was asking for a user of Adafruit who had a mac and wanted to know if we had a device to use with the mac software ( we don’t). Thought since you had Linux you might have a mac version.