Maestro mini does not detect servo

Hi folks, on Maestro Control Center, my servos don’t respond.

I recently got the 12 channel maestro mini, some MG996R and MG90S servos. I attached one of each servo to channels 1 and 2 but I get no signal sent to the servos after selecting them and moving the slider

On my windows 11, I downloaded and was able to connect the board and see the board serial number and the control center version 1.02

My LED lights are green and orange. No red.

On device manager i’am able to see the Maestro board and within the PORTS category.

For 5V power, I am connecting the maestro board to a 5V power supply with a screw terminal connector, I tested the VIN and GRN voltage and it’s 5.32.

I tested the voltage on 0-6 and I get 0 voltage, while the VIN and GND pins are showing 5vs.

*I tried the servos connected to an Arduino mega 2560 and in IDE was able to control both *
MG996R and MG90S servos after to make sure it was not the servos.

Much appreciated.

Hello, broski.

It looks like you are not powering the servo power rail. The Maestro’s servo power rail (VSRV) and logic power (VIN) are not connected to each other by default. I suggest moving your 5V power connection to the servo power rail (i.e. the pins labeled “BAT” on the underside of the board). If you plan on using USB in your final project, the USB connection will provide the Maestro’s logic power. Alternatively, if you want to power the Maestro logic from the same source as your servo power, you can use the blue jumper to connect the servo power to the logic power by installing it between the pins labeled “VSRV=VIN” on the underside of the board.

You can find more details about both of these methods for providing power in the Powering the Maestro section of the Maestro user’s guide.


Thank you so much.

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