Maestro mini - change serial mode

I control maestro thanks my computer application via com port (connection to usb port). In Pololu Maestro Control Center I have serial mode set to USB dual port. I added the bluetooth module HC-05 to control also from a smartphone. Unfortunately it requires change serial module on UART. Is there a way to change the USB dual port -> UART and UART -> USB dual port without using the Pololu Maestro Control Center? I want to do this in my computer application.

Command to switch Pololu servo - #4 by paul it’s alwayes easy :slight_smile:

Hello, matt25.

There is no way to change the serial mode setting through the virtual COM port via serial commands. You can change it using native USB, as mentioned by the forum post you linked to; however, please note that configuration settings such as this are stored in the Maestro’s EEPROM which is rated for 100,000 erase/write cycles.

Another option you might consider is adding a USB-to-serial adapter between your computer and the Maestro instead of using the virtual COM port. This way, you could leave the Maestro in one of the UART serial modes when using it with either of your setups.