Maestro Mini 12 in combination with sound


Is it possible to combine sound with the Mini 12 servocontroller? I use the servo controller for animatronic 1/6 scale action figures in a big scale German Panther tank. A sound board is available in the tank but it would be nice to have servo operation of the figures be accompanied by sound(spoken phrases. For example: if the tankcommander raises his binocular and his head/body turns to look around it would be nice if the controller activates a spoken phrase like: I spotted the enemy. Hope someone here can tell me if this is possible and what is needed. wav files are available.
Thanks in advance.


You might be able to accomplish what you’re trying to do by combining the Maestro with Sparkfun’s MP3 Trigger. I don’t know much about it beyond what is on the product page, but I believe it lets you trigger prerecorded sounds with a digital outputs.

- Ben

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the feedback. I am however a complete nitwit concerning this material. I managed to get the Polulu working thanks to the comprehensive tutorial. So if the solution you brought up might work, I need someone to tell me what to do and buy of course. Any help will be much appreciated :exclamation: