Maestro & Microphone Sensors

Can the microphone sensors like the electret breakout board or the ADMP401 breakout board be plugged directly into the analog input pins of a Maestro controller to receive sound data? (Obviously I’m assuming any data would not be encoded, just a stream of raw audio samples.) If so, what is the maximum sample rate possible? And any advice on using the SDK to ensure getting good audio sample data? Thanks.

Hello. If you just have a single analog input channel enabled, then we expect the Maestro to read the channel’s voltage and update its reading several times per millisecond. However, the Maestro has no features to notify you of when a new reading is available or to efficiently stream those readings to another device, so it will not be practical to get good audio from the Maestro this way. However, you might be able to use some analog input readings to detect the presence or absence of loud noise.


Thanks, I thought that might be the case. Good to know.