Maestro micro

Just two words about me: I’m an astrophysicist, now retired, with a strong passion for robotics, and I’m entering the world of autonomous
robots. I found the Maestro series of controllers very interesting, and would start playing with them. An now my question:
perhaps I’m a bit off topic, but I just bought two micro Maestro controllers, and looked at the video introduction. I would like to know wich
kind of support is used: it seems like a “breadboard” for servos, and seems very useful. Can someone tell me where to find such an object?
Thanks in advance, and hope to be soon a frequent user of this forum

Hello, Mauro.

The plastic plate that those servos are attached to is the Pololu RP5/Rover 5 Expansion Plate. It is also listed under the “About” tab on it’s YouTube Video page.


Thanks, Derrill. I just ordered all the stuff from Pololu.
Thanks again.