Maestro Micro problem


I’m having a problem with my Micro Maestro.

Let me explain what the problem is.

Maestro is powered with 2S Li-Po battery and on channel 0 is button with pull-up resistor of 100 kilo Ohm.
In the script is written 0 get_position 1023 less_than to stop the script (quit).
On the same channel I’m also using 40 kilo Ohm resistor to drop the voltage - this means that when battery voltage drops under 7 volts, the script quits.
This part is working fine.
On channels 1 and 2 I’m using buttons which are controlling 3 servos. The problem occurs when I’m pressing buttons rapidly - then sometimes it happens that script quits even if battery is fully charged.
Another problem is that when battery voltage drops under 7.4V, reset button is not working anymore.

Do you think that pull up resistor is to strong and is not letting enough current trough to keep channel 0 high?


It sounds like when you are rapidly pushing those buttons, your servos might be drawing enough current to temporarily lower the voltage on your supply, which is then detected by your circuit on pin 0 and the script quits.

As for the reset button not working, can you upload a schematic or a picture that shows how you have everything connected on your Maestro? I am especially interested in your circuit on pin 0. I am concerned that you might be supplying a voltage that is too high for the signal pins to handle.