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Maestro input from RC rx?

I would like to send radio control signals from a hobby rx to a servo controller via a cable.

ie: [on the surface {radio tx ----> radio rx ----> Maestro #1 inputs}] – via ttl --> [under water {Maestro #2 controlling servo and motor control.}]

The purpose behind this is to allow wireless rc control to a rx on the surface which would then then be able to control an ROV at depth.
Is the Maestro capable of accepting input from an RC receiver and transmitting those signals by USB or TTL to a second Maestro which would then operate the ROV?

Hello, Willis.

Then Maestro servo controllers can not read RC inputs, so unfortunately this is not possible. If you’ve already figured out how to send serial bytes from the surface to the ROV, and you’re familiar with C programming, you could program a Baby Orangutan B-328 to measure the RC pulses and send the desired serial bytes.


You could put the rx to one of the free analog channels and with a bit of scripting control the servo channels
It would be easyer and cheap to buy a usb wireless setup units that does ttl and run it from your lap top. 3dr have cheap half duplex transevers at a great price.
1.Configure the Maestro correctly to receive TTL serial commands on its RX line.
2.Read the Serial Servo Commands section of the Maestro user’s guide to learn what bytes you need to send for a Set Target command.
Hope there is an answer there for you.