Maestro Control Center display issue


I just got a Mini Maestro 18 and installed the Maestro Control Center.
So far everything seems to be working fine except the Maestro Control Center “Status” and “Channel Settings” screens are not displaying properly on my monitor.
The channel rows are squished together (to about 2/3 of the intended length) and not lining up with the coulumn headers. Also in the “#” column the channel numbers are counting from 0 to 9 and then the rest of the rows show a 1 (only the first digit as a result of the squishing).
I’m using XP 64 with 2-monitor setup and USB connection (I tried one monitor set up and different resolutions as well as removing and reinstalling MCC with no success).
I’m wondering if anybody else had the same issue and what could be done about it. Functionality is not affected so it is just an inconvenience until I learn which coulumn is what.

Thank you.

Hello, gabor.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Have you changed DPI setting for your computer in the Control Panel? We forgot to test the Maestro Control Center at different DPI settings. I have just released a new version of the Maestro software which fixes this issue:

Try installing that and see if that fixes the problems.


Hi David,

Thanks for getting a new version Maestro software out so quickly. I installed it and it’s bullet proof – aka: fixed the problem. :slight_smile: I tried different DPI settings with the old version but apperantly missed the right one.

Thanks again,


Great, I’m glad its working for you now!