Maestro and wireless USB adapter

Can I use a wireless USB adapter directly plugged into the Maestro servo controller for remote operation ? any suggestions on setup would be helpful .

sorry If this has been asked before if so I did not find it


I have heard some people have had success using a wireless USB hub to connect USB devices like the Maestro to their computer. If that is not what you are referring to, can you post a link to the adapter you have in mind?


Maybe something like this ? it is a USB router … 1_2&sr=8-2

That travel router is for setting up a WiFi network, not extending USB connections wirelessly, so it will not work like you want.


can you recommend something that is still in production ? or what exactly do I look for ? the HUB part or ?
Just trying to NOT buy the wrong thing :smiley:

I do not have any specific recommendations for a wireless USB hub. You might try an Internet search for “Wireless USB Hub” to see what you can find.


Ok I thought maybe You knew of one that worked in the past


Hawking HMPS2U works like a charm