Maestro and VB.Net - DLL documentation

I am using to control multiple servo motors thru Maestro 6 and Maestro 12 channel servo controllers. I am using the code examples, to learn how to move the servos, and everything is working. Does anyone know where I can find documentation on the methods and objects that are in “USBWrapper.DLL” and in “USC.DLL”? I can see many other objects in the two DLLs, but I do not know what they are for, or why I might want to use them. For example, what does USC stand for?

Hello, Tom.

UsbWrapper is a USB abstraction library we wrote that allows us to control USB devices from .NET programs on multiple operating systems. You can learn more about it by reading the comments in its source code:

Usc stands for “USB servo controller”. The Usc DLL uses UsbWrapper to implement classes and methods for talking to the Maestro over USB. You can learn more about how to use it by reading the comments in Usc.cs: