Maestro and other project listings

As a hobby I have created several projects using Arduino controllers and my latest project was a C3PO replica using a Maestro controller. I documented how to make these so if you are interested, go to I even put a code listing for the C3Po in the how to document. I am posting this because I was asked to by a Pololu representative.


Thank you for sharing your projects; all of your builds are very impressive, and your documentation is great as well. It is really cool to see the Maestro being used in a C3PO replica!


The Maestro is a really neat device. If they every make a revision to it, it would be a perfect device if there was a way to stop the power flow to the servo via a Maestro command. The Pololu RC switch does this perfectly so it is a good option in case you want the Maestro to kill power. Just wire it in series with a servos power wire and set the RC Switch as a servo channel.

Thank you for your feedback on the Maestro; I am glad you like it, and we will keep your suggestion in mind. For now, to control the power to the servo power rail, we typically suggest the RC switch option that you mention.