Maestro and ESCs?

Will the micro maestro control a motor using an ESC, or will it only control servos?


Yes, it can be combined with many ESCs to control a motor. The Maestro servo controller outputs standard RC hobby servo pulses, so it can control anything that accepts that as an interface.

- Zeeshan


How do I specify which direction the motor should spin by using a servo position number?

I was going to try hooking up an ESC to a motor I used on a helicopter I have, but I never needed to make it spin in reverse…

Is any number left of center taken as a reverse spin and any number right of center taken as a forward spin, or how does it work exactly?

This is a brushed motor, btw…

Generally speaking, the neutral position corresponds to a stationary motor. One side of neutral makes the motor spin one way and the other side of neutral makes the motor spin the other way (with increasing speed the farther you are from neutral). If “left” on your transmitter does not produce the motor direction you want, you can flip it by swapping your motor wires.

- Zeeshan

I won’t actually be using an R/C transmitter, I’ll be using my Raspberry Pi or my smartphone to send commands to the maestro micro-6 controller. While testing I’ll use the maestro control center and its sliders, but once that’s working, I’ll send the commands through the USB serial interface from my Raspberry Pi, or my smartphone…

My goal is to control the left and right motors on a Dagu Rover 5 Tracked Chassis with Encoders that I just purchased from Pololu… Will I need something more than the encoders that come with it and the micro-6 servo controller that I already have, to get things working?

I already have the control of servos from both a Raspberry Pi and a smartphone working by sending commands to the maestro, so now I’m trying to figure out how to control the motors on the rover as well…

I just wasn’t sure if the micro-6 controller would handle an ESC with a motor attached, and be able to reverse the motor as well, because it’s marketed as a “servo controller”…

Yes, the signals from the Maestro servo controller can be used to control a standard ESC. We carry several motor controllers that can be controlled through RC signals and give you bi-directional control of a motor. For example, you might consider our Simple Motor Controllers.

- Zeeshan

Would the Pololu TReX Jr Dual Motor Controller DMC02 work to control the 2 motors that come with the Dagu Rover 5 Tracked Chassis?

Yes, the TReX Jr motor controller will work with the motors that come with the Dagu Rover 5 tracked chassis.

- Zeeshan