Maestro 6 programming help please

I am building a machine that will use one servo to start and stop a cordless drill by pushing the trigger in and out with the servo.
I want to have forward and reverse.
I am using relays to start and stop the drill
I also want to utilize a potentiometer to be able to vary how far the servo moves in each forward and reverse option so I can control the speed.
I have never programmed anything ever and all I can get it to do is one direction without the ability to control the speed
Is anyone out there able to help me???
I would even like to do this over the phone
I have no idea what any of the code is and how to compile it into something that will do what I need.
any movement forward would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You


It sounds like what you are ultimately trying to do with the Maestro is control a single servo from a potentiometer input. If that is the case, our “Using an analog input to control servos” example, found in the “Example Scripts” section of the Maestro User’s Guide is likely a great starting place. You might need to adjust the scaling values to tune the servo movement to your particular setup. Also, please note that the channel you connect your potentiometer to (channel 1 is used in the example) should be configured as an “Input” channel in the “Channel Settings” tab of the Maestro Configuration Utility. If you still have problems or have some questions about this example, I would be happy to try to help further.