Maestro 6 and two servo

pololu maestro mini 6 channels … I connected 2 servos and 12v power supply in the 2 pins before the servos. but I can’t get the servos to move… with maestro control center.-.where am I wrong ?

MicroMaestro_6Channel_Servo_Controller_pinout copia
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I combined your two threads into one since they are about the same subject.

I am not sure what you are showing with your first picture; you cannot leave the command bytes blank in the Serial Transmitter Utility. You will need to send valid bytes for the Maestro to respond.

For the Maestro Control Center, your digram shows that you are connecting the servos to channels 0 and 1, but you are using channels 4 and 5 in the software. You should use the sliders for the channels that your servos are actually connected to.

Separately, 12V is much higher than more servos are rated for (which is typically 4.8-6V nominal). Unless you are using some kind of special high-voltage servo, 12V might have damaged them already.


very thans and sorry… for two post i am
no expert sorry…:slight_smile: yes error is 12v to servo now with 5v is ok…sorry and very thanks