Maestro 18 servo movement when powered

so everything is working as intended with the exception of when the maesto 18 is powered up the servos move to what i am assuming is a start position until i press the button to run the script and then they move to where i want them to start. the problem is that the control arms i have them connected to cannot travel the distance to the initial position and are breaking. is there a way to assign a start position on power up or is this start position what is used for the board to assign the movement that is commanded?

does the Maestro 18 have a built in servo reverser capability? this would solve my problem.


If you have not already assigned a start-up position, I suspect what you are seeing is normal servo jitter when the servos are powered up (which is very common and can vary from servo to servo). You can control what the Maestro does on startup for each channel in the “Channel Settings” tab of the Maestro Control Center. The “On startup or error” option defaults to “Off”, so you can change the drop-down selection for each servo to “Go to” and then specify the position you want.

The Maestro does not have a built-in servo reverser feature.


that worked like a champ. thank you

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