Maestro 18 sdk with Raspberry

Good day.

I saw somewhere, maestro 18 doesn’t work with sdk for Linux under ARM. Is this true?
I’m going to use the maestro 18 with Raspberry Pi 3 and I want to make that through your sdk for Linux.
Can I make it?
Is there some peculiarity?


The Pololu USB SDK supports the Maestro servo controllers and mostly works on the Raspberry Pi if you follow the instructions in its file. However, the SDK uses the Mono C# compiler and runtime on Linux, and we have found that the Mono implementation of the WinForms API does not work on ARM-based systems. Some of the examples in the USB SDK use WinForms to display windows on the screen, and you will probably have trouble running those examples. Also, the Maestro Control Center software that we provide for Linux uses WinForms, so it will not work on a Raspberry Pi.

If you want to use the Pololu USB SDK to develop command-line applications that control the Maestro from a Raspberry Pi, that should work. You can look at the UscCmd utility source code in the SDK for an example of how to do that. Alternatively, you might consider just using the Pololu USB SDK to compile UscCmd, and then invoking UscCmd from any other programming language as a command-line utility.