Maestro 18 channel jumper powering not driving servos

Hi, I’m using the 18 channel maestro with MG995 servos. I have external power for the servos at 6.8 volts. A lipo pack running through a voltage regulator to drop is to the 6.8 volts.

When I power the Maestro logic with USB from my computer, everything works fine. When I detach the USB and use the jumper on the board to power the logic, my servos won’t run, but will rather, struggle to move. As if the board is not sending a strong enough signal. The script is set to run on startup. So everything should work fine with the jumper.

I thought it was a defect in my board, and had it replaced, but the problem still exists.

Is there a difference in USB power? Is it higher voltage that 6.8? I don’t think it’s an AMP problem, since my LIPO dumps a lot of amps.


Your description sounds nearly identical to an email we received recently. Did you send us an email about this problem? If so, did you receive my response? I will summarize below just in case.

I suspect current draw of your system is too high for your power supply (e.g. your battery or voltage regulator), which is causing the voltage to dip and reset the Maestro. Could you post more information about your setup? How many servos are you using? What are the specifications of your voltage regulator? Can you try measuring the voltage going into the Maestro (from the output of your regulator) when you try to run your system?