Maestro 12 + example: Connection failed

I just started up a Maestro 12 project and I can’t get the sample program to connect to the Maestro.

I’m on Windows 7.
My VisualStudio is at 2013 (v12.0.30723.00)

When I run the sample program, it starts ok. But as soon as I press any button I get the exception for “Could not find device. Make sure it is plugged in to USB and check your Device Manager.”

The device does appear in my device manager.

And the Pololu Maestro Control Center has no trouble connecting.

When I put a stop in the code so I can see what is going on, I find that Smc.getConnectedDevices() is returning Count=0.

Any help will be appreciated.


It looks like you are trying to run an example for the Simple Motor Controllers (SMC) from the Pololu USB SDK. Try running the examples with “Maestro” in the name (e.g. MaestroEasyExampleVb).

- Amanda

Ok. That worked. I feel a little stupid, but at least I posted enough information that you could easily see what I had done wrong. Thanks.