MacOS 10.15. Catalina does not work with Zumo32u4

Since the last macos update (10.15. Catalina) arduino can’t upload any programm to the zumo32u4.

In this post it is suggested to use a different bootloader wich works well for the feather board. Will this bootloader also work for the zumo32u4 bot or do you plan to publish an update for the bootloader?

Thanks a lot … Stefan

Hello, Stefan.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We have confirmed that there is a bug in macOS 10.15.1 that prevents macOS from using the USB bootloader that we provide on the A-Star 32U4, Zumo 32U4, Balboa 32U4, and Romi 32U4 boards. We have made a new version of the bootloader that works around the bug. You can download it here:

Edit: I have removed this download because the bug is fixed in macOS 10.15.2.

If you use an AVR programmer to flash the HEX file onto your board, you should then be able to program it from your Mac. However, please note that this is an experimental new build of the bootloader that we have not fully tested yet. If you try it out, please tell us whether it works for you. Thanks again!


Hope this is the correct place to add some info.
Mac OS upgrade 10.15.2 has fixed the problem.
We can now program the Balboa and other A-Star 32U4 boards without having to alter the bootloader.
Hooray. Thanks Apple.