m3pi play() max bytes

RyanTM indicated 100 bytes of music, max for play() function with m3pi. I see the limit in the serial slave program. Can it be expanded there first, and then in play() libraries? The fugue is way over 100 bytes. At what byte would I get the idea of the music? Then, I could repeat it.

Hey RyanTM, I see you and myself in Published Code on the m3pi site for your motor additions and play()! Thanks…Don

Hi, Don.

I would recommend storing the full song on the mbed and sending parts of it to the 3pi at once. To do this, you could add a serial slave command that returns the result of the 3pi’s is_playing() method. On the mbed, you can poll it periodically and when is_playing() is false, send the command to play the next part of the song.

- Ryan