m3pi official?

I thought I had seen a third party expansion board specifically designed for adding an mbed to the second level of a 3pi. I did some googling for it and came across this:
Is this for real? If it is, do you all plan on making expansion kits available for upgrading the 3pi to an m3pi? If you do, I am interested.


That page is still under construction and wasn’t intended to be publicly accessible yet, but yes, it is for real, and the m3pi should be ready to ship in the next week or two. We will also have m3pi expansion kits available for upgrading existing 3pis, much like our current expansion kits.

- Ben

Hello! -
Question about the Mbed - will there be a down loadable version of the compiler? I’m interested in expanding my 3pi in this manner, but I’m not really a fan of an “on-line only” compiler. Or are there any free alternatives?



I don’t know of any plans for an offline, downloadable compiler for the mbed, but you might try asking on their forum in case there is a good workaround or something is in the works. After a very quick search, I stumbled upon this somewhat old thread in which one user talks about using the uVision4 compiler to generate binaries that he can then drop on to the mbed. If you do find a good alternative, please let us know!

- Ben