m3pi expansion board layout picture needed

I accidentally soldered the 14pin board connector to the wrong place. i may have damaged the traces or feedthru holes moving it to the correct place.
Can I get a figure showing the traces/schematic (both sides) to see if I have a usable board?

Hi Bo,

While I don’t have access to exactly what you’re looking for, these particular places might be of some help:

The m3pi expansion board product page picture section.

The m3pi expansion board user’s guide, which has lots of pictures of traces and some schematics.


Thanks for the tips, I’m checking them out. I was pretty disappointed after looking with a magnifying glass at the damaged spaces and figured I had ruined the board.

But the more I look at the figures I think I only have to troubleshoot the following:
VBST, VBAT, VCC, Wixel VIN, mbed VIN,and USB VCC, and 3pi RX & TX jumper traces. I should be able to verify them and be on my way.

Santa is bringing the ARM mbed and I guess I’ll go down that path too. I had/have other ideas without it in mind though.

Thanks again.